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What Others Say About Us...


Area Kindergarten teachers say they know a child is prepared for kindergarten when they come from Chester Presbyterian Preschool! 


"We feel so comfortable leaving our son at school. All the teachers seem to care a great deal about the kids. Everything is well organized and thought out. We love CPP and recommend it to everyone!"

                                                                                           - The Reid Family


"I really love the focus on play and creativity while slowly and gently introducing learning concepts. To me, this is the most effective way of teaching. Also, we have been so happy to see teachers who are personally engaged, seem to love their jobs, love kids and who exude warmth and friendliness! Thank you!

                                                                                            - Maryellen K., CPP Parent


"Super affordable, every teacher is kind and seems to take interest in every kid. I love that recess is an important part of everyday. My son loves coming to preschool and is excited every morning we go!"

                                                                                             - Jen F., CPP Parent



"My son absolutely loves to go to school every single day. He loves the teachers, his friends and the environment. The school and especially the classroom is super clean and fresh. I love it here too!"

                                                                                           - CPP Parent


" We like the class size. It allows for greater attention to be placed on the children. The teachers are great communicators and issues are dealt with appropriately and swift."


                                                                                           - Jamie D., CPP Parent



"We love the CPP program. The teachers and staff are so kind and our daughter loves it there! It is such a wholesome blend. We look forward to another 3 years at CPP with [our younger child] starting next year. Tuition is reasonable too!

                                                                                           - Annie E., CPP Parent

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